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(Category) (Category) SpamCop FAQ :
Help for abuse-desks and administrators
These are questions commonly asked by Internet Service Providers. Users of SpamCop need not read this, but may find it interesting.
You have probably arrived here because of a SpamCop report. Please read the introduction for information about the report you are viewing.
(Answer) Introduction - What is this thing? How does it work?
(Answer) I have been falsely and/or maliciously accused of spamming, what can I do?
(Answer) How can I contact a real person about this?

Interacting with SpamCop and its users:
(Answer) You are mailbombing me! How can I make it stop?
(Answer) How can I get SpamCop reports about my network?
(Answer) How do I register an abuse@ email address?
(Answer) How can I get removed from SpamCop's blocking system?
(Answer) Once I close a spammer's account, how can I prevent others reporting it?
(Answer) How can I respond to spam complaints via email?
(Answer) How can I control what type of reports I receive?
(Answer) You've munged the header...
(Answer) How do I get in touch with the person who filed the complaint?

Help with SpamCop reports and spam in general
(Category) Robots: Mailing lists and autoresponders
(Answer) Double/Confirmed Opt In
(Answer) I didn't originate the spam. My server might have relayed this message. Why report it to me?
(Answer) What does a SpamCop Report look like?
(Answer) Why did SpamCop report this usenet message to me?

General questions:
(Answer) Who appointed you the "cop" of the internet? Where do you get off?
(Answer) My web site got terminated/threatened because of SpamCop, but I did not send the spam. What's the big idea?
(Answer) Why did SpamCop submit my server to relay-testing sites?
(Answer) What is your opinion of FFA (free for all) pages?
(Answer) How do Deputies respond to appeals?

Assistance stopping spam:
(Answer) I'm receiving spam reports, but my mail server logs don't reflect it. Why?
(Answer) HTTP Proxies (Cisco / Squid / Mailtraq)
(Answer) Formmail
(Answer) Open Relay Servers
(Answer) Adding BLs to Postfix
(Answer) Spam-sending malware
(Answer) But my server is secured against relay...
(Category) How can I control spam from my network?
(Answer) SOCKS Proxy Servers
(Answer) Links to help with removing open proxies

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