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Links to help with removing open proxies

This is a copy of an old page from Spam Links. Please visit for updated or new information.

Fixing Open Proxies

An open proxy can be used to anonymize connections to open relays, further complicating tracking a spammer down.

These links contain advice on how to close an open proxy if you are using one of the main proxy servers found on the internet. If your proxy isn't listed here, try reading the manual or help files that came with the proxy, or contact the vendor, and if you do find a useful link to get the proxy closed, let us know.

If you've been told you have an open proxy, but you didn't even know you had a proxy, open or otherwise, you may have a spam trojan. Consider using a virus scanner.

Make of Proxy Advice to help close the proxy Miscellaneous Web Proxies Generic CONNECT Proxy Apache Module mod_proxy Squid Wingate Wingate 2.x
N.B. Deerfield no longer produce or support Wingate of any version Microsoft Proxy Server WinProxy CacheFlow ComSocks Proxy Plus Venturi Client 4D WebStar Gordano Proxy Server Cisco Transparent Cache Engine and Content Engine Trend InterScan VirusWall for UNIX 3.x WinRoute Pro Compaq web-enabled management software MondoSearch AnalogX

Here is an extract from the readme file that came with AnalogX 4.14:

By default the proxy binds to all TCP/IP interfaces... it will service requests from the Internet... You can force Proxy to only bind to your local IP address in the Configuration menu... if a valid [local] TCP/IP address is entered, the proxy will ONLY bind to that [and] the proxy will only talk to machines that connect to...your local network.

That explains why there are so many open AnalogX proxies.
Contact the author for any additional support you require.

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