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My web site got terminated/threatened because of SpamCop, but I did not send the spam. What's the big idea?

In addition to reporting spam to the source of the email, SpamCop also reports the incident to administrators of web-sites listed in the spam. Note, that these reports do not indicate that this site is responsible for the spam. Often, the site *is* responsible for the spam, and that is why the notification is generated, warning the ISP that they *may* be hosting a spammer. The ISP receiving the report must make a determination as to whether the spam really looks as if it was sent by the webmaster.

Unfortunately spammers like to include innocent parties in their spams in order to confuse administrators. ISPs must make this decision for themselves and take whatever action they feel is appropriate. It should be noted that SpamCop does not ever directly blame your web site for the spam. Your real enemy in this battle is the spammer who used your URL in his or her junk. You may be able to sue the spammer and collect damages for this type of "joe job."

The report generated is intended only as a notification of a reference to your site in a spam message. If your ISP and you both agree that you are innocent, then SpamCop provides an easy way to prevent reports regarding your site (or at least that specific URL). Not only will this prevent reports of the current spamming, but all future spamming that uses your URLs also.
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