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Parsing and reporting spam with SpamCop - decisions, problems
Configuration options:
(Answer) How should I select the recipients for my spam report?
(Answer) How do I change my spam-reporting email address?

Submitting a Report:
(Answer) What do you mean by "full headers"?
(Answer) Why does SpamCop show different results from one day to the next?
(Answer) How do I decide an appeal of status is warranted?
(Answer) SpamCop said "No reports filed." What does it mean?
(Answer) Why does SpamCop want to send a report to my own network administrator?
(Answer) How should I report usenet (newsgroup) spam?
(Answer) Reports sent to SpamCop addresses
(Answer) How is data from spam submissions used?

Regarding specific reporting problems:
(Answer) Why does SpamCop refuse to accept my HTML spam?
(Answer) Why does SpamCop say "Sorry, X refuses to accept SpamCop reports?"
(Answer) Why does SpamCop say email to X bounces?
(Answer) What does "no date available" mean?
(Answer) Why doesn't SpamCop always generate reports for relay administrators?
(Answer) Why doesn't SpamCop make reports about "reply-to" and "from" addresses?
(Answer) Why does SpamCop say my spam is too old?
(Answer) Why does my modem disconnect when I try to submit spam?
(Answer) How can I easily report spam on my MAC?
(Answer) SpamCop has quit working with Netscape
(Answer) Why does submitting to SpamCop results in an error/timeout?
(Answer) Are servers which do not include IP source information broken?
(Answer) What does "untrusted" mean?
(Answer) Why do I get a "Network Error - connection reset by peer in transfer loop" when using SpamCop with Intermute's AdSubtract?
(Answer) Problems with spam not in original format
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