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Why does SpamCop say "Sorry, X refuses to accept SpamCop reports?"

This means that for whatever reason, the administrator responsible for the network you are trying to report does not like SpamCop reports. Although I make every attempt to resolve disputes with ISPs and modify SpamCop to suit their needs, sometimes they decide they would rather not receive reports.

You may mail such administrators personalized spam reports if you are sure they are the correct persons to contact (sometimes people disable reporting because they are *not* the correct person). You can even ask them why they disabled SpamCop. Please be polite if you do.

Often, this is not a serious problem. Sometimes, SpamCop will identify two administrators for a domain (postmaster@ and abuse@ for example). Using this disable feature is often an ISP's way of telling us which address is active (disable postmaster@ to let us know that abuse@ is getting the reports loud and clear).
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