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How is data from spam submissions used?

Spam submitted to SpamCop is used in various ways. However, your personal email address is never revealed beyond the initial report, and the email you provide is not released beyond the initial submission. One exception to this - each spam submission generates a tracking URL, and that URL can be used to view the original headers of the spam. This tracking URL is given to you when you report the spam. It is also included in the spam reports. Copies of this URL contain all the information from the original headers.

When viewing spam headers from a tracking URL, SpamCop attempts to conceal any email addresses in the header which may belong to the recipient of the email. However, this system is not perfect. It is possible that the header may reveal your email address.

Email, web and IP addresses from the spam email along with responsible administrator email addresses are kept in a database and used to produce statistics on spam trends which are publicly available. This database may also be used by SpamCop Mail Service subscribers and subscribers to the SpamCop Blocking List service to filter email based on spam trends.

Information from the database and headers may be shared with other administrators as needed. Reasonable attempts will be made to preserve the anonymity of the recipient in cases like this, however the email address used to send SpamCop reports may be used to contact you concerning reports you have filed.
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