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How do I decide an appeal of status is warranted?
As I'm sure you already know, one of the nice things about SpamCop is that ISPs can disable reports once they have shut down a website or terminated a spammer's account. Of course, there is no way for the bot to know whether or not the ISP is telling the truth when they do that. Thus, paying members are allowed to appeal.

When you parse a message and see that "ISP has taken action" or "ISP does not wish to receive reports", you will almost always be presented with a checkbox to appeal. Before checking this box, you are expected to verify that the issue *really does* need to be reopened; ie, it says that the website is shut down but it's not.

Obviously, these issues are not always cut and dried, and sometimes all you can do is appeal and see what we have to say about it. But there are certain situations where it should be clear that the reported status is appropriate. Your own email address is one of those situations. Completely innocent third party sites like,, etc. are other examples.

When deciding whether or not to check that appeals box, ask yourself whether or not the administrator of that issue *really* needs to be notified. Go back and reread the spam to see in what context a URL or email address is used.

Bottom line, if you are currently just blindly checking every box SpamCop is presenting you with, you need to slow down and be a little more conscientious. I know that the point of this system is that it is quick and painless, but the user has to be responsible in order for it to work.
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