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SpamCop has quit working with Netscape

A recent problem has been identified by Netscape 4.x users, whereby trying to parse spam through the web submission form returns a "Document contains no data" error.

The problem has been narrowed down to the way SpamCop and Netscape interact with each other. When parsing spam, SpamCop places a temporary file on your hard drive in the form of "nsform**.tmp". These files should automatically be deleted by Netscape, but that doesn't always occur for some reason or other. Once there are 1,024 of these files on your hard drive, Netscape will return the no data error when trying to use SpamCop and some web based email programs.

The fix is actually quite simple. Perform a search for all files named "nsform**.tmp" and delete these files. The ** will be two letters, two numbers or one of each. With Windows 9.x, the files will usually be found in the c:\Windows\Temp directory. On the Windows NT platform (NT, 2000, etc.), the files should be in the c:\Temp directory.

A special thanks to "Spambo" for the discovery of this fix.


On Macintosh computers running Netscape, the problem appears differently. When trying to use SpamCop, you will receive an incorrect authorization, or "old authorization" error message.

On Macs, look for a file named "nsform". It will probably be found as a hidden file on your desktop. Delete the file, empty your trash and Netscape/SpamCop should be happy again.

Thanks to Lori C for this fix

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