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Reports sent to SpamCop addresses
When SpamCop detects a reporting address that bounces or refuses SpamCop reports, you may select to send a copy of the report to an internal SpamCop address so the spam will be recorded in the statistical tables. These addresses may also be set up because the regular reporting address belongs to the spammer.

An example of the internal address used is

SpamCop administrators have set up special internal addresses for some service providers. These providers have requested SpamCop reports be sent to a secret address other than their standard abuse addresses.

In many cases it is the result of negotiations between the service provider and SpamCop administrators because the service provider has implemented a 'webform' based complaint system, or it may be simply that they want SpamCop reports kept separate from other complaints for their own reasons.

When one of these is encountered you will see a notice in the report sending area "Internal SpamCop Handling".
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