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(Category) (Category) SpamCop FAQ :
General information about SpamCop
(Answer) How can I get help? How can I report a bug? How can I suggest a feature?
(Answer) What are the rules for posting to the forum?
(Answer) May I create a link to SpamCop from my site?
(Answer) Can I get a copy of the source code for SpamCop?
(Answer) What is SpamCop's history?
(Answer) Why did I get a spam promoting SpamCop?
(Answer) What are some general tips for responding to questions in the forum?
(Answer) Adding items to the FAQ

(Category) Features and Bugs

(Category) Non-SpamCop information
(Answer) How can I make a donation?
(Answer) Can I advertise on SpamCop?
(Answer) SpamCop Policies and Disclaimers
(Answer) How can I contact a SpamCop representative?
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