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May I create a link to SpamCop from my site?
Sure. You may recommend SpamCop to anyone you like. You may link from your site, put the URL in your .sig file, link from your usenet postings or whatever. It is preferred that you don't set up a posting-form from your site. We want the users to see our instructions and news updates when they use SpamCop.

Here's the HTML to do it:

<a href=""><img
  width=90 height=30 border=0
  alt=" - Spam reporting for the masses"></a>

Here's how it will look: - Spam reporting for the masses

There are four different designs to choose from: : : :

And a full-sized banner ad:

<a href=""><img
  width=469 height=60 border=0
  alt=" - Free spam reporting - Filtering - Information"></a>

Note, there are no spaces between the a, img and /a tags. This keeps some browsers from displaying little _ characters before/after the image.

You are encouraged to download a copy of the .gif and serve it from your own site.
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