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What are some general tips for responding to questions in the forum?
  1. Focus on the issue not the person.
  2. Focus on the complaint, not some perceived attitude.
  3. Don't go looking for a fight.
  4. If someone is excited, or you feel they are ranting, listen carefully. Encourage them to talk and to tell the whole story. (Avoid telling them how to talk. Avoid changing the topic.)
  5. Don't respond to complaints about your organization's alleged failings with the allegations of failings of the other party.
  6. Don't ridicule the other person (or the other person's company, country, race, or religion).
  7. Don't assume that a mistake or misunderstanding is the result of malice.
  8. Use dictionary English or proper technical English, not euphemisms and slang, when speaking with people for whom English is obviously a second language. This is especially vital when:
    • you are representing the organization that initiated the conversation,
    • the other party is in a country where English is not an official language,
    • and if your organization is even merely being PERCEIVED as having sent a THREAT. (New people, caps are okay for occasional emphasis.)
  9. Don't expect the other person to translate 5,000 words of foreign language documents before looking for personal help.

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