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Why did I get a spam promoting SpamCop?

Because SpamCop is a big thorn in spammers' sides, they will often try to cause trouble by sending out spam that appears to be from SpamCop, but which is actually not. Because most of an email can be forged (including who it is "from"), spammers can send email from addresses in an attempt to discredit us.

However, now that you are here, you can look around and learn what you can do to stop these low-lifes from invading your inbox with their junk - or not. In either case, it is usually not a good idea to reply to spam directly. Spammers use these replies to confirm that your address is real, not to remove you as they claim. There are many resources available to help you fight spam, and SpamCop is just one. There are links from this FAQ to other sites that help you learn about all the issues involved and what you should/should not do about spam.

Common lies told about SpamCop:

SpamCop helps spammers
Some spammers claim SpamCop has helped them by disclosing user information (so-called 'listwashing'). This is not the case. SpamCop's user information is never shared, nor has it been stolen.
SpamCop will shut down your web site
Although SpamCop does file complaints with ISPs, we do not make ultimatums, nor are we directly responsible for terminating anyone's website. This is what a legitimate SpamCop report looks like.
SpamCop costs money
While there are two levels of pay service which allows total control of your inbox or access to advanced features, the basic spam-reporting service is (and always has been) free.
SpamCop offers a spam bounty
If you use SpamCop for filtering and spam slips past the filters, you may certainly report the problem. However, SpamCop does not offer money for spam.
You should telephone SpamCop
SpamCop reports do not include a phone number. Calling the phone number listed in fake reports will only serve the spammer's purpose - harrassment of those associated with SpamCop.
SpamCop can unsubscribe you
SpamCop can help you report spam to the ISP of the spammer. SpamCop is not intended for direct contact with the sender of the spam you receive - to be unsubscribed or for any other reason.

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