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How do I get my email program to reveal the full, unmodified email?
Just as when you report spam manually, SpamCop requires the full header information from your email software. It also requires the unmodified body including HTML codes if any and/or MIME information. It depends on your email software. Here are instructions for some of the more popular programs:
Normal email software:
(Category) Microsoft products
(Answer) Mac OS X
(Answer) Netscape, Mozilla and Thunderbird
(Answer) Eudora
(Answer) AOL
(Answer) Pine
(Answer) Lotus Notes (v.4.x and v.5.x)
(Answer) Lotus Notes (v.6.x)
(Answer) Pegasus Mail
(Answer) WebTV
(Answer) Claris Emailer
(Answer) kmail (KDE Desktop)
(Answer) GNU/Emacs integrated email
(Answer) Mail Warrior
(Answer) Juno Version 4+
(Answer) Mutt
(Answer) The Bat!
(Answer) Pronto mail (GTK/unix)
(Answer) StarOffice
(Answer) Novell Groupwise
(Answer) Blitzmail
(Answer) Forté Agent
(Answer) Ximian Evolution
(Answer) Sylpheed

Web-based email software:
(Answer) Hotmail and Windows Live Hotmail
(Answer) Yahoo Mail
(Answer) Excite web-mail
(Answer) Netscape Webmail
(Answer) Blitzmail
(Answer) Operamail
(Answer) Lycos Mail (
(Answer) Outlook Web Access
(Answer) Shawcable Webmail
(Answer) MSN Premium
(Answer) GMail