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Upgrade to a premium member account
A premium account gives you access to more features on SpamCop than free users. These features include:

Cost for an upgraded account is as little as $2.00 for one megabyte of reporting fuel. If you purchase more than two megabytes, the cost is $1.00 per megabyte (i.e. $25.00 for 25MB). These purchases are known as "fuel".

Fuel is consumed each time you parse spam through your premium SpamCop account. Each byte in the spam will consume one byte of fuel. While the paid reporting only system is still relatively new, early estimates are that 15 MB of fuel will last most users one year.

To upgrade to a premium SpamCop account, you must first sign up for and verify a free account. Then, from your SpamCop access page, simply click on the "Preferences" link and "Add Fuel" to your account.

As long as there is fuel in your account you will not be nagged by ads or the delay screens. If you run out of fuel, your account will automatically revert to a free user account.

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