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SpamCop Email Setup - Step 2

Congratulations, you're halfway done. First, you should test that mail is making it into SpamCop OK. Email your old email address, then login to webmail and make sure that your email is there. If you're forwarding to SpamCop it should be there within a couple minutes. If you're using POP, it could take 20 minutes (longer if you just set up POP).

Once you're getting email into the SpamCop system, you're ready to get it out.

If you want, you can just read your email online, using the webmail program. This is a full-featured email client which supports attachments, multiple identities, an address book, and other features you're used to in an email program. Using webmail, you can access your email from home, work, or anywhere you have internet access. If you just want to use the webmail program, then you're done.

If you want to use a regular email program on your computer, you either need to forward your email to another address, or use POP to fetch your email from SpamCop. Some people set up a secret account on their ISP with a new, unguessable name and forward their email there from SpamCop. Many people just POP directly from SpamCop, which also works well. Note that this POP is totally different than any POP you set up in Step 1. Step 1 was to get mail from other ISP's to SpamCop. Here, we get mail from SpamCop to you.

Setup Forwarding
Setup POP