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SpamCop Email Setup - POP

You can use your regular email program like Outlook Express, Eudora, or Netscape to POP your mail from SpamCop. If you already know how to set this up, the POP server is "". Just use that with your username and password that you login to webmail with and you should be able to POP your mail.

Setting up to POP from SpamCop requires that you insert three pieces of information into your email program. Soon, we will have detailed instructions for various email programs here. For now, use these general instructions.

Every email program will have a place to add or modify your email account. If you're forwarding your mail to SpamCop then you won't want to POP from your old account any more. So, find the place in your email program where you can modify that account. There will be two sections in that account, one for outgoing (SMTP) mail and one for incoming (POP) mail. We will be modifying only the POP section. Leave the SMTP server set up with the server your ISP provides. Email from your email program will go out through your ISP without passing through SpamCop.

In the POP section of your email program, it will want the POP server name, your username, and your password. Your username and password are exactly the same as you login to webmail with. The POP server name is That's it. Change those three items and your email program will start downloading your email from SpamCop instead of from your old ISP.

Special note for Netscape users: Old versions of Netscape don't allow the "@" sign inside a POP username. This also has happened to some versions of Macintosh email clients. To fix this, substitute the "%" sign in your username instead of "@". Thus, your email address would look like "". This works around the older, broken software.

You should be all set up. Take a look at our final notes for any further hints and enjoy using SpamCop.