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SpamCop Email Setup - Forwarding

It is easy to forward email from SpamCop to any other address. This lets you collect your mail from your own ISP, or forward mail to your office mail server.

IMPORTANT: Don't forward mail to an account at another ISP that you have configured to forward mail back to your SpamCop account. Also, don't forward mail to an account that you have configured us to POP for you. Basically, if we send mail somewhere else, then get it back either by forwarding or via POP, we will detect a mail loop and bounce the email, which means it is lost forever.

The vast majority of users don't need to set up forwarding from their SpamCop account to an external account. Almost everybody should be sending all their email to their SpamCop account, then configuring their email program to POP it from us.

To setup forwarding, first login to the webmail client. I suggest opening this in a second window so you can browse these instructions at the same time. In the webmail program, first click Options at the top, then SpamCop Tools. This is where you set up all SpamCop options and here you should click the first option. Inside this new screen, you can put the email address you want your mail forwarded to and click "Submit" right under it.

At this point, you're all set up. Test the forwarding by sending yourself an email. You should receive it within just a couple minutes.