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SpamCop Email Setup Step 1

Getting mail into SpamCop

First you must get your mail into SpamCop. The easiest way is just to start using your email address. If you give this email address to your friends and family they will be able to email you at SpamCop, even if you change ISP's. And, spammers who have your old email address at your big ISP won't be able to email you at that address any more. It has even been suggested that spammers avoid emailing addresses. (Although some spammers are stupid enough to try). If you want to just use your new or address as your email address then congratulations, you're done with Step 1 and can proceed to Step 2.

If you want to keep using your existing email address, that's no problem. (Note: except if you are on MSN or Hotmail. There is no way to use those email addresses with the SpamCop system at this time because of restrictions Microsoft has placed on what you can do with your email.) There are two ways to get your email into the SpamCop Email System. Try the first way first. If it turns out that you can't do that, set up the second way.

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