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SpamCop Email Setup

POP Setup

If your ISP refuses to forward your mail for you, you can have SpamCop POP it for you. POP is a protocol that fetches mail from a mail server. If you use an email program, it probably uses POP to fetch your mail from the mail server you are using now. In order to set up POP, you will need to know three things: Your ISP should be able to give you this information. You can also look in your email program to see what it thinks the POP server and username are. Write down the items we need above and continue.

First, you need to login to webmail like you did before. This link will open in a new window, which will let you switch back and forth between the webmail and these instructions.

Now you need to tell SpamCop to POP your mail from your old account for you. SpamCop will periodically poll the old server, grab any new mail, and filter it. In the webmail program, first click Options at the top, then SpamCop Tools. This is where you set up all SpamCop options and here you should click Configure external POP servers.

This form has lines to insert several POP servers, if you have several email addresses that you need to POP. The first three fields are the items you wrote down earlier. Do not click "Leave on server" as this can cause problems. AT&T Broadband customers ( should click "Use SSL" and nobody else should. When you have entered your info, click Modify at the bottom. Remember, all this info is your old account.

At this point, you're ready to proceed to Step 2. It can take up to an hour for POP to start working, so don't worry if this doesn't seem to work immediately.