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Is there a limit on reporting spam?
Short answer: Yes.

Long answer:

Most people fall into the category of receiving a few spams per day. Some may even top out at a couple of dozen spams in their mail account daily. A very small percentage of users fall into the category of receiving hundreds of spams per day, even with multiple mail accounts.

Given these facts and given the fact that spammers will try anything to make life miserable for SpamCop and its users, SpamCop has had to limit the number of emails that may be submitted by a user for reporting to defend itself from attacks by spammers, trying to bring the system down by overloading it.

SpamCop has implemented a very generous limit of 5,000 emails that may be submitted for parsing by a single account in a 24 hour period. If you exceed this limit, the system will automatically disable your reporting account.

If you run into the "Your account has been disabled" message, you must pass the "I'm not a spammer" test by writing explaining your situation. Those passing this simple 'test' will have their account reinstated, however the limit will remain in place.

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