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Stalker Internet Mail Server for the Macintosh

Note#1 : This can be used with SIMS v1.7 or above, though it's strongly recommended to get at least 1.8b8 from -- it's stable, and has numerous additional features. This FAQ is written for 1.8b8 or above.

Note #2: This assumes one is using the HTTP administrative interface, rather than connecting with CommuniGator.

Step #1: Log into your SIMS mailserver with an account with administrative priviliges (usually postmaster).

Step #2: Select the "SMTP" tab from the left menu.

Step #3: Select the "RBL Server List" link in the bottom right.

Step #4: Enter "See" into the text field, and push "Update". (Notes in quotation marks are included in the bounce message and can be customized to each server. I've included a suggested wording.)

Step #5: Select the "SMTP" tab again from the left menu.

Step #6: Tick the "Use Blocklist DNS Server(s)" option in the bottom-center, and click "Update".

You're done!

Thanks to Pete Stephenson for these instructions.
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