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Why do I have to authorize my membership?

One of the main complaints from ISPs regarding SpamCop reports is the lack of responsiveness from the people reporting spam. Part of the reason for this lies with the ISPs themselves. By deluging users with useless auto-responses, they reduce the attention of users for their email.

However, part of the blame lies with people reporting spam. They fire off complaints without spending the time to deal with the responses. Often, users configure SpamCop without any email address. Free users have been forced to provide a valid, verifiable email address for some time. Now, members are being asked to do the same.

This is something which we (TINW) preach constantly - opt-in. It is a little different in this case, but the real issue is that someone with a SpamCop account should not be able to enter an email address into their preferences which they don't personally control.

Also, I require that people filing spam reports read and respond (within reason) to people challenging them over the validity of their complaints. There is no point in reporting spam if you don't also plan on defending your position. To do otherwise only gives the spam-friendly more ammunition.

Please see the accompanying FAQ on how SpamCop is eliminating the garbage email from ISPs.
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