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How do I submit spam via email?

To use the "Email submission system" you now have to register for a SpamCop account.

Once you have confirmed your registration, log into SpamCop. Right below the "Welcome" message you will notice a coded email address.

This is your personal email address that you can forward spam to. Spam you forward to this address will have a reply (containing the parsing link) to the address you used to register with SpamCop.

Forward as an attachment your spam to the personal reporting address shown on your front page. You will get back a reply with already-authorized URLs for reporting the spam at the address you used to register for SpamCop with.

MIME format is best, although normal text/plain format will work fine too. Avoid uuencoding.

Your email address will be replaced with a blind SpamCop address in outgoing reports, however any communication back from administrators you file those reports with will be forwarded to the address you used to register with SpamCop.

You should receive an email to your registered email address whenever you submit spam via email. If there are problems, the return email should include errors detailing the problem. Otherwise, you should get a message including links to the reporting system.

You may attach multiple spams to a single submission. You should not exceed 20 spams attached to a submission. The maximum size for the overall submission must not exceed 50 KB.

Helper Scripts

Scripts are available at these links to help Unix users send spam to the SpamCop email processor:

Perl script
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