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Credits and thanks

For helping to wipe out spam by accepting and acting on spam reports: white-hat ISPs everywhere!

The SpamCop Deputies (many are listed elsewhere on this page) for their hard work trying to keep ISPs, administrators and SpamCop members around the world happy:

Ironport Systems, Inc. for purchasing SpamCop.

For contributing a SpamCop's logo:
Andy Markley (Art 101)

For hosting blocklist mirrors (if you aren't mentioned and you want to be, let us know):
Griffin Internet
(^) Caret Web Content Management

For contributing de-obfuscation code to SpamCop:
Joel Martin

For javascript help:
Jack Delay

For contributing answers to the FAQ:
Michael Lefevre
John Pettitt
~JA's~ Richard
Kelly Holmes
TeacherJH (Jose)
Christoph Conrad
x47 (Ellen)
Bill Henry
Alexey Nogin
keith smyth
Ruud H.G. van Tol
John Levine

For frequently posting (correct) answers in the forum:
Jos� Lamas R�os (Thanks also for translation)
Michael Lefevre
Everyone else who does so - sorry if I forgot you.
I'm also forgetting all the folks who have done translations. If you're one of them, let me know and I'll fix my error!

Also thanks to everyone who contributes to free software such as linux, apache, perl, sendmail and of course all the GNU programs that form the basis of all unix operating systems. This software forms the foundation on which SpamCop is built.
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