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Forgot your password?

Unless you've actually forgotten your password, there is probably no need to reset it. Check the Help forum first to see if there is a current system problem.

Email account holders: The only way to reset your password is if you're already logged into your account. Refer to the main menu for email users. If you still can't get in, all you can do is file a support request and ask to have your password reset. You will be asked to provide some details about the account to prove that you own it.

All other users: Just fill out this form, and we'll reset your password and email it to you. Note, the address already on file is the one used to mail the fresh password. If you do not have access to that email address, or if it's bouncing our mail, this will not work.

Remember, your username is the email address you signed up with, and it's all lower case.

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If you still cannot access your account, email for assistance. Please provide some proof that the account you want access to belongs to you.